About me

Chris Bailey Profile PictureI have been working on and tinkering with computers for almost as long as I have been breathing. I have always thought that there’s an element of magic to a computer.  You type in a few lines of code, and a computer can understand and interpret your requests. Being alive during the Information Age is very exciting and being able to watch the rise of the Internet is something that will happen only once in human history.  Of course there will be many, many more ingenious inventions to come, but try to imagine life before the Internet!

I am incredibly passionate about problem solving, and this led me to obtain a Computer Science degree from Queen’s University with a minor in Physics.  For me, there is just nothing better than sinking your teeth into a problem and coming up with an effective and lasting solution.  What I enjoy so much about software development is that it offers the opportunity to learn new things all of the time and problem solve on a daily basis.

I have always been interested in efficiency and productivity.  Being a power-user in whichever operating system I am working with is always a personal goal.  I enjoy learning and utilizing new tools that can aid me in accomplishing my tasks, and I am always eager to learn new useful shortcuts.

I started playing piano at four years of age.  I was playing classical music at the highest levels by the time I was 14.  This inspired me to search out a new challenge, and I started learning how to compose music.  I released a New Age Piano CD that showcases music that I composed during important moments in my life.  Feel free to visit chrisbaileypiano.com.