Software Development

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I have been working in IT for a number of years and I love everything about computers. I have a Computer Science degree from Queen’s University with a minor in Physics, and I have had the pleasure of working on systems large and small in both hardware and software – and have enjoyed every minute of it!

If I were to choose the area I am most passionate about, it would be working with complex applications in the software domain. There is nothing more invigorating than working towards a common goal with a team of energetic and like-minded individuals.


The Technologies page lists many relevant software technologies pertaining to web development with Java. I briefly describe each technology as well as list effective resources for learning and working with that technology.


The Projects page lists a number of custom software projects I have worked on that showcase different Java web technologies.  There is also a video game I created from scratch as well as the largest project I have ever worked on outside of software development: a New Age Piano CD that I composed and produced.